Easter Camp 2019

In all of human history, what is the one question that we have all pursued and, without fail, have asked ourselves at some point in time? From struggling paupers to the most wealthy kings, from unnoticed labourers to the most brilliant scientists and engineers, from meticulous accountants to the executives in the boardroom, and from a child with dreams of the future, to the elder reminiscing of fond memories of the past, we have all shared this common thought. This Easter, join 3am Ryde at Catalina Lakefront Resort, as we try to uncover an answer to the most meaningful and universal question anyone can ask. What is the question? Come ‘Searching’ with us to find out!

Josh Gonzalez was rescued by Jesus from the street life, gangs, as well as alcohol and drug abuse. Before surrendering his life to the Lord, he was an aspiring rap artist. Since then, he has become a well known speaker and evangelist and currently serves as the Associate Pastor in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Come along and be challenged, inspired and encouraged by the messages he will be sharing at our Easter Camp this year!

To register, go to: https://goo.gl/forms/8bytLpXKT7qsiIKg2