There Has Got To Be More

We all long to be successful and happy, and yet deep down we feel that there must be more to life than chasing money, relationships and a career. Can we find real personal satisfaction that brings lasting hope, meaning and purpose into our lives? Join Dr. Sven Ostring as he explores this important question.

Friday 1st Sep 7pm: Is there More to Life?
Could there be something more to life than what you are experiencing at the moment? Is there something in life that really satisfies?

Saturday 2nd Sep 10:30am: Who was Jesus?
Jesus is a famous person in history, but who was he really? What can we learn from historical evidence about him?

Address: Greater Sydney Conference, 4 Cambridge St, Epping, NSW

About Dr Sven Ostring

Dr. Sven Östring grew up in Hong Kong and completed his PhD in Christchurch, New Zealand. While doing postdoctoral research at Cambridge University and pursuing an academic career, he developed a personal hunger to explore the evidence for Jesus and it changed the direction of his life. His experience and presentations have transformed the lives of university students and young professionals across Australia.

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